Terms & Conditions

While I have done a crazy amount of research into the best quality fabrics, and digitally printed fabric produces exceptional detailing at affordable prices, the nature of the process also has disadvantages. While all fabrics are printed to have approximately 56” of usable print, some pieces may have flaws, cuts, or even chunks missing along the selvage.  These are typically from quality assurance testing; Flaws within 4” of the selvage are acceptable and will not receive refunds.  Lint on the fabric during processing may lead to small white flecks in the print that become noticeable once the fabric is washed.  Refunds will not be issued for flaws that are smaller than 5/8”.  I will do my best to only ship the highest quality fabrics, however, if you are unable to accept the above-mentioned conditions, please discontinue your order; minor flaws will not be refunded or discounted but you may receive extra yardage as compensation. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping Policy:

Please note: If you pay by PayPal or Sezzle we will ship to the address on the transaction page. If we ship to any other address, seller protection is voided.

If your address is entered incorrect, and your parcel is returned to us, you will be billed for the return postage as well as the additional postage to re-ship your order to your correct address. So please, please make sure your address is correct at the time of order.

*If you move, update your address on the Buttons & Bibs website then email me. I will refund your order and send you a new invoice. Then we’re both covered.

For preorders, we reserve a 12-14 week window to receive the prints from our printer. We further reserve an additional 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping to you. Unfortunately, due to COVID and difficulty with freight times, this is an approximation. Please watch our Facebook Group for updates and exceptions to these shipping times. (Updated January 2022 to reflect timelines for sea freight)

Local pickup is in Woodstock, Ontario (Effective February 1, 2019).

Ontario and Quebec Flat Rate: $16
The rest of Canada: $19

We will happily combine 2 orders for combined shipping. Please make sure you indicate who your shipping buddy is and to whom we should ship the package to in the comments section. Note: we will combine 2 orders. This does not mean 4 orders for 2 people. This is a hard stop for 2 orders.

USA shipping (Overages of $5 or more will be refunded😊):
1-2 meters: $25
3-6 meters: $30
7-12 meters: $45
13-20 meters: $60
20+ meters: $75

International shipping (Overages of $5 or more will be refunded😊):
1 meter: $35 International Small Packet, Air
2 meters: $50 International Small Packet, Air
2-5 meters: $75 International Small Packet, Air
5-10 meters: $155 Xpresspost International
10-15 meters: $180 Xpresspost International

Rates last updated: January 14, 2022

Please note that PayPal no longer issues transaction refunds. As a result, for any cancelled orders, the PayPal fee will be deducted from your refund total.