Buttons & Bibs Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement.

Our goal is to encourage people to sew; to provide the tools, materials, and patterns that make it possible for any person to sew clothing to fit any body.

Core Values

  1. We encourage respect. Treat each other with open-mindedness, fairness, and decency.
  2. We encourage diversity. We desire that all people, including Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour, members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, those requiring special accommodations, and every other person, have a safe community to learn, practice, and develop their sewing skills. 
  3. We encourage teamwork. We desire to build a community within Buttons & Bibs social media platforms where all people can ask questions and showcase their creations, thereby encouraging others and providing insight and guidance to those who ask.
  4. We encourage education. This includes anything that may relate to sewing and any member of our sewing community. This includes the Black Lives Matter movement. This includes Pride. This includes modifications for Accessibility. For we believe that all people are equal, and until every person has equal rights, these discussions are necessary.
  5. We encourage body positivity.  Love the body you’re in and sew for it!

Members of the community who violate our core values will be given one opportunity to make amends. Further violations or failure to rectify themselves will result in removal from our Facebook Group.